September 11, 2011

10th Birthday Party...

Today was Justin's sister's 10th birthday -- Yes, she was born September 11th, 2001. So we basically spent our entire day doing birthday related things. The party was at his mother's house, so we headed over there early to help them out.

Before we actually got to the house we went to pick up a birthday cake because Justin's mother texted me yesterday and ask me if we could pick a cannoli cake up for her. When we got to the house and I went to put the cake in the fridge there was already a cake there. Apparently she texted Justin and told him not to get a cake because she was gonna do it, he didn't see the message and they ended up with two cannoli cakes and another random one that his sisters made. Can we say communication fail?

After the cake thing Justin and I set up a little photo booth corner for the kids to mess around with -- Yes, I used the same photo booth props that I made for the Teen Reading Club Party and unlike that party, the kids (And the adults) loved the whole photo booth thing and they took tons of photos.

The guests started to arrive around 4:00pm and they spent the majority of their time messing around with the photo booth props and playing Apples To Apples Junior (Which was actually a lot of fun, I need to go pick up the regular edition) until it was crêpe time. Yes, Justin's little sister demanded crêpes as the food of choice for her party.

Justin's mother set up a little crêpe bar for the guests to create their own crêpes. She had Nutella, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, bacon, powdered sugar, raspberry jam and lemons. It went over really well, everyone enjoyed creating their own crêpe concoctions.

The party lasted a few hours and was extremely successful for a random at home party.

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