October 28, 2011

Bloody Mystery...

"Leslie" just came upstairs to inform my Department Head (Whom is currently in charge of the building because our Director is on vacation) that a man vomited up blood on a book in the mystery section, put it back on the shelves, headed upstairs to the public restroom and vomited into the sinks in front of one of our male staff members and then he had the nerve to rinse his mouth out in our water fountain leaving a glob of blood in it.

This is beyond disgusting. I'm so glad that they knew who this guy was and that they are having him banned from the library until our Director comes back. Does this guy not get that what he did was a bio-hazard? That he could have been endangering the public? He could have tuberculosis or AIDS. I'm just so glad that it didn't happen in my department and that I didn't have to actually deal with it.

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