October 28, 2011

AM Reaming...

Apparently I missed my Department Head reaming "Julia" out this morning for giving out information on a child's participation in a program -- "Marie" said that I would have been in my glory watching her get scolded.

It all started like this, yesterday the school district kept calling about various children participating in our summer reading club and wanted all sorts of information. Since our Department Head wasn't in "Amy" wasn't comfortable dealing with the situation and got our Payroll Lady (She is actually our Director's Administrative Assistant) involved. She called our Department Head who called the superintendent's office and spent thirty minutes on the phone telling them that they could not have that information. Hours later someone else calls about getting the information, this time "Julia" answers and tells them everything that they wanted to know. When our Department Head found out this morning (Which she only found out because they reading club binders were not in the proper spot) she went off on her.

I'm so sad I missed it. This woman hardly ever gets in trouble for the shit that she pulls and she deserves to. I hope she keeps getting caught doing the stupid shit that she does.

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