October 12, 2011

Excited About Tomorrow...

I'm so excited because tomorrow is New York Comic Con aka my favorite work day of the year! As always Lenni and I will be attending together and we will shall collect as much crap as humanly possible and claim we did it all in the name of professional development.

In addition to collecting swag we'll be attending at least two of the panels listed below because lets face it, going to panels takes away from collecting as much swag as humanly possible, which is our favorite thing about going -- Who doesn't love free crap?!

Digital Comics & Libraries - Past, Present & Future
Digital comics and graphic novels are more available to readers than ever before and in different formats for a variety of platforms. Increasing numbers of major comics publishers are going to a "day and date structure" of publishing, which gives readers a choice of print and digital versions of newly released comics. What implications does this hold for libraries and comics readers that depend on libraries to provide them with their favorite story lines and graphic novels? David Lisa and Michael Maziekien will take a look at the history of digital comics, what's happening now and what the future might hold for cooperation between digital comics publishers and libraries.
Video Game Collection Development for Libraries
A library by definition, are collections of media. Librarians have terrific resources on building and maintaining material collections in various media such as books, movies, and music, however, there is a severe lack of information on how to build and maintain video game collections. This session will give attendees a solid foundation for starting and maintaining a video game collection, with a specific focus on collection development tools and budgeting. Issues raised include how to judge game content, the inclusion of older games in loanable collections, the educational and recreational value of game collections, the important role game collections will play in the future of libraries, how schools and libraries can work together using gaming as a media tool, and sustaining the quality and relevance of game collections.
NGD @ Your Library: Using Video Games & Comic Books as Outreach Tools
From sneakers to Hollywood blockbusters to the cover of Library Journal, the intellectual properties for gaming and comic companies are highly recognizable and can help us connect our materials collections to users and increase attendance numbers for programming. Join us as we share successful practices for marketing existing programs and collections, give bibliographies to build and increase recognizablity in materials collections, and tie our programs and collections together to add value to our users' experience.
Graphic Novels and Libraries: Beyond the Basics
As graphic novels continue to enjoy wider representation and circulation in libraries around the country, new challenges and issues face librarians. This panel will delve into those concerns as well as explore new opportunities for libraries. Topics covered will include—but certainly not be limited to—digital strategies, increasing budgets for graphic novel collections, what to do when you start running out of shelf space, promoting the collection to adult patrons and nontraditional audiences (like teachers, homeschooling parents, and others), and much more.
Tomorrow I'll write a full report of my 2011 New York Comic Con experience. I can't wait!

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