October 28, 2011

Talking Trash...

"Julia" just keeps getting her ass handed to her this week. "Amy" just told me that she caught "Julia" talking shit about her last night to whomever (I don't know if she said it in front of "Marie" or "Lori"). Apparently "Amy" was within earshot of "Julia" and she heard everything she was saying. She told me that she looked at her, waved her arms in the air and kept saying "You know I can hear right?! I hear you!" She pulled "Julia" aside and told her that if she had anything to say about her she better say it to her face.

First "Marie" then "Amy" this is great. I'm glad this bitch keeps getting in trouble with other staff members. Maybe she'll finally realize that we all hate her and she'll slowly fade away into her corner or maybe even quit -- Which would be awesome.

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