October 7, 2011

Touching Little Children...

"Julia" is at being stupid again. Before our Department Head walked into the building "Julia" just thought one of the children was so cute that she should pick him up so he could get a good look at Red Fish. She stood there holding the kid up for a while, talking like a baby to him about Red Fish. I have so many issues with this... First off I don't care how cute you think a child is, you shouldn't be touching other people's children especially without permission from them. And second if you claim to have a back and neck injury from a car accident you were in almost three months ago and you go to physical therapy three times a week, you shouldn't be able to pick a thirty pound kid up. Obviously you know what happened when my Department Head came in... I told her about it in front of "Amy" who agreed with all of my statements. So when "Julia" walked back in from her break (Which she didn't deserve because she came in thirty minutes late) our Department Head torn into her right in front of all of us. All "Julia" could do was stutter, ask if someone complained about her touching a child and agreed about her back injury and it being stupid she picked a child up.

God, what is wrong with this woman?!

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