October 7, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping & Mexican Food...

After I got off from work my sister picked me up (My car was at the shop being fixed all day for a leak in my radiator or something) and we went to get Erin and Nicole so that we could go to a thrift store to see what they had and if they had anything good for Halloween. We spent a few hours in there looking at crap, I bought a few LPs (West Side Story soundtrack, Whitney Houston and Rick Astley -- So I can Rickroll people), a silk headscarf and a cassette of Jock Jams 4 which we listened to for the rest of the evening -- Best .49¢ ever spent! When we were done thrifting we headed over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and gorged ourselves on yumminess. We were all really tired after dinner so we dropped everyone off and went home. It was a lot of fun and I love seeing Ms. Nicole and her big pregnant belly. We'll have to do it again soon.

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