October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat...

Since I love Halloween so much I made sure that I had the day off from work because it honestly would have killed me to be stuck at work all day on one of my favorite holidays.

I spent almost two and a half hours working on my zombie makeup. There was some trial and error using liquid latex for the first time but I eventually figured out what would work best for me with the makeup that I had on hand -- Next year I'm definitely gonna try to for a bigger and better zombie look.

Once I was done putting my make up on I headed over to my friend's house to go with her, her daughter and Erin trick or treating. I helped them get ready, we made some boozy hot chocolate and then we headed out. We went out for about an hour and a half -- My friend's daughter had a mini melt down at one point and was done.

When we were done with them Erin and I headed to my house so my parents could see my make up and then we headed by her house to grab her dog, dress it up as a cat and take her for a walk as an excuse to go visit Nicole at work.

After visiting Nicole we dropped the dog off at the house and went out for dinner. Before we left Erin took her costume off, so I was dressed like a zombie at the diner we went to. I actually got a lot of complements from people at the diner about my costume. I had a lot of questions about how I did my makeup and what I used.

Erin dropped me off after dinner and I ended up hanging out with my mom watching various television shows waiting to see if anymore trick or treaters would show up at the house. No one did. I stayed in my zombie makeup until my sister got home from her boyfriend's house so I could jump out at her and scare her. I did and I got her, I actually bit her face -- She was not happy with me for that one.

Yup, that was my Halloween and I enjoyed it. I hope everyone else enjoyed their day!

Products Used To Create My Zombie Look
* = This product is discontinued

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