October 13, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?...

About a week ago I noticed that Ghostbusters (1984) was being re released for three days only this month (Thursday: 13th, 20th & 27th) and I knew that Justin would be super excited to see it in theaters because it is his favorite movie. I told him about it two minutes after I found out about it and I promised to take him on a date to go see it.

As you can probably guess (Or because you read about it in my last post) we went to see it tonight. Before going though we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

When we were done we head over to the movie theater. The two of us were actually the first people in line to see it (Not that we didn't buy tickets days in advance) and the first people in the theater, so we had awesome seats. To be honest with you, I would have thought that more people would have gone to see it. I think the lack of people had to do with a not so great promotional effort. In addition to a lack of people, the majority of the people that were there were older than the two of us, I mean there were a few younger people who parents probably dragged them there -- It reminded me of when my mom dragged me and my sister to see Grease (1978) when they re released it in 1998.

Even though I've see the movie multiple times I really enjoyed seeing it on the big screen. I know that Justin was as giddy as a school girl while watching it. As we were leaving he was saying that he wished that they showed the second one after the first. So as you can guess, the minute we got back to his apartment he busted out Ghostbusters 2 (1989) and started watching it -- I didn't stick around to watch it with him because I had to go home.

It was a good date night.

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