November 29, 2011

Another Mouse Bites The Dust...

I know you're reading the title going "Another one? She hasn't mentioned mice since her 249th photo of the day..." Well, as of yesterday we've caught two mice in the house. Unfortunately one was caught in my bedroom (Thankfully it was in one of those round traps and my parents dealt with it) and the other one I just found dead in a snap trap in our kitchen. FYI those snap traps are loud when they go off, I live in a split level house and I heard it from my bedroom with the door closed.

I really hope there aren't any more running around. I do feel bad for them. They are just little field mice and I typically think mice are cute (I had pet rats in college when I lived with Liz). Also I'm not happy with the use of snap traps but it's not my house and my mother bought them because the other traps weren't working according to her -- I think she finally got them because she figured out that the mice in our house really like chocolate instead of the peanut butter she had been putting in the other traps.

So, that's the up-to-date news on our mouse problem.

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