November 29, 2011

Middle Schoolers...

I want to know what is wrong with the current generation of middle school aged children. I know that middle schoolers throughout the ages have typically not been the most desirable of humans because of all of the hormones and such. But I swear that the current batch have all been exposed to something that has caused them to be stupider than generations past and I honestly don't understand what possess them to do the crap that they do.

What did they do today you ask? Well, aside from the normal mouthy group (One girl in particular gave "Emily" an earful) and the ones that sneak on the computers after we tell them they aren't allowed on anymore (The two moron brothers that we banned from the computers for two weeks for looking at inappropriate websites), we had these two girls hiding underneath one of our desks in the computer wearing coats and such. What the hell would posses them to do that?! When I yelled at them to get from under the desk they giggles like fools and ran away. Why?! I don't understand the need to do such stupid crap. I hate middle school aged children.

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