November 13, 2011

Brits & Bar Hopping...

For some reason this past week and a half I really hadn't checked Facebook, so you can guess that it was a big shock to me when my friend Mike* texted me yesterday asking if I was meeting up with them in the City because our friend Matt was visiting from England. After getting said text I rushed to get ready and took the first train into the City I could catch. And as soon as I got to Penn I caught the N train to Eighth Street and made my way to McSorley's where they were. Once I get there I find Mike outside and he mumbled something about maybe not staying there because some of our friends were stuck in Queens. I wasn't really sure at the time what he was saying all I knew was that a handful of my friends were already inside and the bouncer made me
wait in line by the tree to get in. The minute I did get in Mike turned me around and said we were leave.

After my friends Christine, Liz, Andrew and Matt all trickled out from the bar (and after hugs) we all decided to walk down to Horus Café to smoke some hookah. We walk down to Avenue B just to find out that the place isn't open until 5:00pm. Saddened, we all just ended up walking down the block to see where we could chill until Horus opened. We ended up going to Croxley's Ale House (Which I love) and we spent hours there -- All of our other friends came wandering in at one point or another while we were there.

When 5:00pm finally rolled around the twelve of us headed back down to Horus to smoke some hookah. Four hookahs later, lots of mint tea and some vomit on the floor we ended up splitting into three groups. I mean, we all ended up at the same place eventually (Boss Tweeds Saloon). But before ended up at Boss Tweeds myself, Matthew and Michael all stopped by a bar near there to have a few drinks and play some pool. Eventually Mike and one of our other friends showed up and informed us that everyone else was at the other bar so we moved on.

Once we walked into Boss Tweeds we found out that the staff knew nothing about the open bar special posted on their website (Which is clearly right here) and claimed that their manager was going to be in in 10 minutes. He never showed up. Despite the lack of an open bar we ended up staying there for the rest of the night. Throughout the course of the time we were there I got hit on by some big dude and had to pretend that one of the boys was my boyfriend, played air hockey, took pictures in a photo booth with Liz & Christine, watched my friends have their asses handed to them in beer pong, drank, danced and had a great time. I love hanging out with my college friends.

* = Mike and Michael are two different people, as are Matt and Matthew.Link

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