December 3, 2011

All In The Family...

Apparently one of the Pages from the Adult Department has thought for the last two years that "Favorite Page #2" and I are brother and sister. We aren't related, we're both just of Caribbean decent so we kinda look a like. All of this was from someone we like, thus we didn't take offense to it and just had a good laugh about it.

I guess people think we're related because we kinda look a like, we get a long really well, I'm only four years older than him and I really do drive him places a lot. In reality, I've just known him forever because his mother used to work at the library (He was in like Middle School when I started working at the library). So, we've known each other for over seven years and I guess we do have a sibling like relationship because of that. It was still all just really funny.

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