December 29, 2011

Thrifting, Babysitting & Movies...

I had another one of those jam packed days today. It started off with waking up at Justin's apartment because his birthday is today, but he had plans to go play video games all day in Connecticut (I don't even wanna get into it...) so I took him out to dinner last night... Blah blah blah, I saw him for all of an hour and a half before we went our separate ways for the day.

I ended up starting off my day by making a trip to one of the thrift stores I like to frequent to look at their selection of LPs. I got a handful, nothing super exciting but I did have a lady asked me at check out what I did with the old LPs and I just looked at her like she was stupid and told her that I listen to them. Do I look like some weird LP destroying hipster artist or something?!

Next stop of my day was back to my house to drop off my crap and get my cameras so that I could have them for the rest of the day. While I was there I noticed that the results of my Civil Service exam was in, so I waited for my father to come back home to open it. I got a 100% (Yes, out of a 100...) and you can bet there will be a celebration at some point.

After all of that excitement I made a beeline to the house where Erin was babysitting our friend's kids. I walked in to find a puppet theater set up and Erin pretending to be a French horse named Jacques. Obviously they made me get behind the puppet theater and I opted to be a shy Jewish monkey named Esther and a "violent" giraffe from New Jersey.

Eventually the children got hungry and we forced them to leave the house to go to McDonald's and the library to pick out some movies (You know I just love going into the library on my day off...) to watch whenever they started to get bored again. Before heading back to the house I had Erin drive to Burger King® to get me fries (I can't eat the ones at McDonald's) and then we made the trip back.

Once back we watched TV, made rainbow cake pops, painted nails, had a glow stick party, played pin the tail on the donkey and danced before the mommies came home. When the mommies finally arrived we busted out wine and hors d'oeuvres and hung out until Erin and I had to leave because we had a date with Phil to see Tintin.

I drove to Phil's to pick him up and we drove to the horrible theater that Tintin was playing in. We bought our tickets and went to a near by restaurant to have a quick drink before heading into the movie.

Once the movie was over (FYI: It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great) I drove Phil home and Erin back to her car because it was still parked outside of the house we were babysitting at earlier.

And that was my day...

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