December 28, 2011

Sushi Date...

Miss Erin came to visit me at work today (When isn't she visiting me at work...) because we had a sushi lunch date planned for this brisk afternoon. She got to the library a little before 1:00pm and waited around until someone actually arrive at work because I had been alone all morning because "Julia" called out sick.

The minute my Department Head arrived I ran away for my glorious glorious sushi date -- We haven't had sushi in a while so it was a super happy thing for both of us seeing that we can each devour crazy amounts of sushi. We each ordered and ate too much sushi in my hour lunch break and then we headed back to the library so she could download stuff to her evil evil eReader. While she was doing so she ended up teaching my Department Head about the game Angry Birds and had her playing it at her desk. It was kinda funny.
Eventually she left and now I am again alone at the Reference Desk because my Department Head ran away on her own dinner break. I cannot wait for 5:00pm.

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