December 13, 2011

A Rash Or A Hangover?...

Apparently one of my coworkers had the nerve to say to my Department Head when I called in sick last Friday (because I had a horrible rash covering my face and neck) that I was probably calling in because I had a hangover from the holiday party I went to the night before. Unfortunately my Department Head won't tell me who said it (She did tell me that she did put said person in their place because I texted her a picture of my neck) but I'm assuming it was "Julia" because it sounds like something that would come out of her mouth. I was so mad when she told me because I've come to work hungover before and I would never call in because of that. I had a terrible rash covering face and neck almost all day, I looked like Freddy Krueger. The amount of medication I took and put on my face was ridiculous, and when I came into work I made a point of telling everyone about it and saying that the person who implied that I called in sick because I had drank too much the night before was a jerk.

What is this woman's problem? Hasn't she ever heard the saying "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones..." because she has called in for some stupid crap over the years. My favorite being that she has her period and her cramps a so bad she can't come to work. Really?! You're gonna use that excuse in a female dominated field? She is such an idiot.

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