December 26, 2011

A Truly Random Day Off...

Seeing as Christmas fell on a Sunday this year our Director decided that the library would just be closed today, so I had off! I spend my day off in the most random way. I started off at Justin's apartment, but he woke up not feeling well so I split and went back to my house. When I got home my mother asked me to go with her to the mall and food store, so I did that. After running random errands with my mom I headed over to Erin's house only to find out that she forgot that she promised me we'd go to the shoe and thrift stores today, and that she was at one of our friend's houses. So, I headed over to our other friend's house and was trapped there for a while. Once we escaped I dropped my car off at my house and then Erin drove me to her house before heading on our shopping excursion. When we got to her house he mother pointed out that she was missing an earring, thus we had to go back to our friends house to see if we could find it. Thankfully we did. After averting a crisis over the earring we were about to leave town when Erin's ex-boyfriend calls to see what she is doing and we end up picking him up. So we dragged him around to various stores and forced him to watch us wander around a thrift store. When we were finally done shopping we decided that we wanted to go get papusas for dinner, so we went to our favorite little spot. Once satiated, we told him that we need to go tanning and dragged him with us to the tanning salon before driving to his friend's house which was totally out of our way. After dropping him off, Erin dropped me off and now I am here writing to all of you about the randomness that was my day.

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