January 17, 2012

Computer Chaos...

Tonight was the night of computer permission problems. First it started off with two girls giving "Amy" and "Lori" issues because one of them didn't have permission to be on our computers and they forged her mother's signature and called pretending to be a parent, etc. They also ended up stealing a library card from the Circulation Desk and pretending like it was hers and that a clerk gave it to them. It was bad, we had to get the Director involved. It was a mess.

After dealing with them we had two boys come in and one didn't have his card, but he had his ID so "Emily" went to our book to look up what permission he had and he wasn't in the book at all. She called him out for having a library card with a permission sticker on it but not being in our book (We think he stole a sticker from our desk). We argued with him a bit and he told us to fuck off, so I kicked him and his friend out but apparently they went downstairs, lied to the clerks to get a new card and lied to the Adult Librarians about their age so they could get on their computers. I found out and had the security guard kick them out.

It was ridiculous. We could not believe the bull we dealt with tonight. We're gonna have to talk to our Department Head about all of these computer issues tomorrow.


  1. Wait, so kids have to get permission to use the public PC's at your library?

    Man, they really do put in a lot of effort to bypass the rules.

  2. Yup. If you don't have parental permission you are not allowed on our computers.

    We get fought with a lot about it.