January 27, 2012

Lessons In Cell Phone Use...

Today my Department Head joined the 21st century, she bought an iPhone 4 and I spent my the afternoon teaching her how to use it -- I was so excited to do it!

I went with her during our lunch hour to a local AT&T® store so she could finally get rid of her eight year old crappy cell phone and get a shiny new iPhone -- She originally was gonna get an iPhone 4S but they didn't have an 8GB in store, so she went with the 4. We spent about 45 minutes in the store while they got her phone ready and tried to sell her random crap that I wouldn't let her buy and then we headed back to the library where I got it hooked up to iTunes, etc. By the end of the day she seemed to be okay with it, but we'll see if she ends up calling me tomorrow or just showing up at the library while I'm working to fix it.

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