February 26, 2012

My Birthday Is In A Week!...

(via: Blunt Card)


  1. Happy soon-to-be-birthday! Turning 27 is a tough's the cusp of "late twenties" and just over the bridge from "mid-twenties!" I hope you have plenty of flowers and cakes and balloons and awesome on your b-day! I'm so glad I found your blog through Adventures of an American Girl (us "adventure" girls got to stick together!) Both my parents work in libraries in New York so I can't wait to read (i.e. spend my entire day off flipping through your archives) your library adventures!

  2. Thank you!! Yeah it's especially tough since I'm the first one of my 1985ers to turn 27, so I get a lot of crap (Manly from my boyfriend because his birthday is at the end of December).

    Totally. Adventure girls 4Eva! LOL.

    Oh, you must hear lots of stories from your parents! Libraries are wacky places.