February 21, 2012

Teen Sex In The Restroom...

I dealt with some bull tonight at work. I went to use the public restroom (Because it's closer than going to the staff restrooms) and I caught three teenage girls and three teenage boys in the women's restroom with the lights off doing God knows what. I went to scream for "Emily" to call the Security Guard and the six of them ran out of the library.

I knew who one of the girls was (She was the one whose father called me in December from my post More Good Parenting who begged me to call him if she does anything bad) so I called her father and left him a voicemail about what I caught her doing.

I cannot tell you how pissed off I was that I had to deal with all of this tonight. All I can say is I cannot wait for them to show their faces again and for me to inform them that they are no longer allowed in the library until we speak to their parents.


  1. In my library system, all of the new branches are being built with door-less public restrooms to deter situations like this... When it's really quiet in the branch, you can *ahem* hear everything that goes on in the bathroom.

  2. And my children wonder why they are not allowed to go to the library by themselves after school. I frequently instruct my middle school students about library behavior and how they should act in the public library, but haven't thought to include a list of what they SHOULD NOT be doing. So sorry you had to deal with that!