March 17, 2012

My Amazingly Mundane Day...

You know those days where you do a lot of random things that kinda seem boring but they make you happy? Well today I'm having one of those days.

Instead of celebrating Saint Patrick's Day Justin and I opted to have a nice low key kinda day. We woke up and after all the usual morning stuff we headed over to the bank and then our favorite coffee spot for some coffee and some banter with the owner. Unfortunately he wasn't his normal snarky coffee loving self because some crappy customers were in before us, plus while we were there another one of his customers came in and started to tell the him about how he found his bipolar wife dead in their bedroom on Monday -- Apparently she had issues sleeping and begged the husband to let her be in charge of her own sleeping pills, for some reason he agreed and she overdosed. It was really sad and awkward all at the same time listening to this guy talk.

Instead of sticking around like we normally would as soon as we had our coffee needs in order we left and headed over to the local beauty supply store so I could get some odds and ends. Including blue hair dye so I can dye Justin's sister's hair on Monday while I'm babysitting them (Justin didn't actually go in, he sat outside in the sun and ate a piece of crumb cake).

Once I got everything I needed we drove over to the local hardware store to have a new key cut for me because the original key that Justin had made for me for Christmas didn't really work well and I would have to fight with the door every time I tried to get into his apartment.

After all of the above we headed back to the apartment, ate lunch and then went to the movies to see Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2012).
When the movie was finish Justin drove to a RedBox and then to the nearest McDonald's so I could try a Shamrock Shake, which I didn't end up caring very much so for in its original state -- I tasted much better once I added some peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate mix with chunks of chocolate.

After all of the above we went back to the apartment for a bit and hung out until we decided that we were hungry. Justin and I ended up going to the restaurant that he intended on bringing me to for our anniversary last month and it was wonderful.

When we were done with our supper yummy meal we went back to the apartment, watched some college basketball and then popped in the copy of The Rum Dairy (2011) we got from RedBox in the PS3 and now I'm sitting her writing this.


  1. My boyfriend and I are planning to see Jeff, Who Lives at Home tonight. How did you like it? The trailer made me cry, so I'm sure it will be good...

  2. Sorry I didn't see this earlier! I really enjoyed it, as did my boyfriend. I thought it was sweet and odd.