April 30, 2012

The Chew...

Today I had the pleasure of being in the audience of ABC's show The Chew. I went to the taping with my sister, Phil and one of our other friends. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I would recommend getting tickets (Which are FREE) if you know you're going to be in New York City, especially if you love any of the hosts or food,.

The taping I got to watch (Which was from 9:00am to 10:00am) didn't have any celebrity guests or giveaways, but all of the hosts were actually there which was good enough for me. All of the hosts were really nice, Mario & Micheal were signing people's copies of their cookbooks, Carla said hi to Phil and she actually let someone look down the back of her shirt to see what the brand was and Clinton & Daphne were talking to audience members. I thought they were all great.
Overall, it was probably my favorite television audience experience ever and I've been to a few tapings in the past. I've been in the audience of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (That is where I met Brandon Boyd from Incubus after the show), It's On with Alexa Chung and at TRL Presents: Christina Stripped in NYC 2002 (A Christina Aguilera special. I was at the portion underneath the Brooklyn Bridge where she sang "Dirrty").
As I mentioned, I went with three other people but we didn't all leave from the same place so a bit of chaos ensued. My sister and I left from Long Island by the Long Island Rail Road, while Phil and my other friend drove in from elsewhere. My sister and I got into NYC with ample time (We woke up at 4:00am to catch a 5:00am something train in order to be at ABC studios in NYC before the doors opened at 7:45am), while the others got stuck in traffic and got to the studio by the skin of their teeth. It was sooooo frustrating. My sister and I were constantly asking ABC staff members when they would stop letting people on set before the show started taping and obviously we got different answers from everyone we spoke to.

I honestly did not think they would get in. And by the time they did there were no more seats. The staff actually got them two chairs and put them in front of the normal studio audience seating, which was super nice of them. Moral of the story, I would not recommend going to a television show taping and not all leaving together. Luckily the people that work for The Chew were super nice and went above and beyond anything I would have expected.

After the taping of the show the four of us waited outside for a bit and we ended up seeing Mario Batali & Michael Simon hop on the same scooter and drive away. I actually got a few pictures...
We were all hoping to see Carla but we didn't. So after waiting a while we decided to go get something to eat. We ended up at Alice's Tea Cup for some breakfast before heading back to Long Island because we were all pretty tired.
NOTE: The episode I watched being taped will actually air tomorrow at 1:00pm EST and I am most definitely going to be on TV because I was sitting in the second row behind the tasters, so look out for my sister and I.


  1. oh wow! I love that show! you lucky thing!!

    1. If you ever get a chance to see it live do it. It was great.

      Carla was dancing around the audience while they were setting segments up.

  2. Ooooh awesome! And Alice's Tea Cup is one of my favourite restaurants! Congrats!

    1. I love Alice's! I was so sad they didn't have banana chocolate chip scones yesterday.