April 30, 2012

TRL Presents: Christina Stripped in NYC...

I mentioned in The Chew post that in 2002 I was at a taping of TRL Presents: Christina Stripped in NYC under the Brooklyn Bridge, well here is the video of the performance and a few screen shots where you can actually see me.

Here are the screen shots where you can see myself and Chas (aka The Bride). I captured these from the 1:57 and 2:19 marks...
So yup, that is seventeen-year-old Misfit enjoying some kinda live Christina. I actually got to watch her do this twice at this taping. The first time she actually sang the song but she wasn't feeling well so they reshot the whole thing with the track playing and her lip syncing. I remember it being a lot of fun


  1. omg haha thats awesome!

    1. It was actually pretty neat that I found this video. I actually had it taped on a VHS back in the day. LOL.