April 11, 2012

Well, Hello Cookie Butter...

I was just talking about Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter on Twitter and I had several people asking me about it so I thought I'd make a blog post dedicated to the delicious deliciousness that is Cookie Butter.

The pictures that sparked this post

Cookie Butter is a peanut butter like (In consistency) spread made from Speculoos, which is a gingerbread tasting shortbreadish cookie from the Netherlands -- It's just pure deliciousness.

Yes, I bought four jars of it because I was told this stuff sells out

According to the jar you can spread it on waffles or pancakes, make sandwiches out of it, put it on ice cream or eat it with pretzels and celery. My personal favorite way of eating it (Aside from straight out of the jar) is on apples. It is sooo good on a nice tart Granny Smith apple. If anyone has had it before or decides to try it and you discover an awesome combination with it please let me know!

I just opened this jar

I promise if I come up with or find any recipes that include Cookie Butter I will be posting them.


  1. O.O I think I have finally found something to rival my Nutella obsession.

  2. It is sooooo yummy. Go to Trader Joe's and get a jar ASAP!