April 11, 2012

I Hate Julia...

I swear "Julia" is the biggest asshole I have ever met. She comes in at 9:30am today (Which she was scheduled to do) but as soon as she got in she had to make a ten minute personal call. While she is doing God knows what I was situating myself on one of the reference computers (I had my e-mail open, blogs I read up, etc.) when a patron came over. I went into the stacks to help the patron out and when I come back "Julia" is all comfy at my computer and she didn't even think twice about the fact that I was there first. The minute I saw her I was like "Excuse me, I had my e-mail open and I was working on stuff..." she just looked at me and said "Oh, I saw your e-mail open, I opened a new window. Do you wanna close your stuff out?" I wanted to scream at her. I was there first!!! I closed my stuff out and stormed into the office. Two minutes later I walked out and said that I needed to finish the work I was doing and print out a few items to order. She stuttered and asked it I needed the computer she was on. I practically yelled at her and said yes because that was computer I had all of the patrons information on. She kept her ass in the chair and slid over. I was so mad. She pissed me off to the point were I started to have a TMJD flare up and I was getting a headache.

After a few more stupid thing flew out of her mouth I had it. I stormed up to the administrative office to see if our Director was in. He wasn't, so I told the Payroll Lady that I needed leave because if I didn't I might punch "Julia" is her ugly face. She spent a good twenty minutes talking me down and convinced me not to leave, but I was still slightly annoyed.

Apparently while I was gone she was giving patrons incorrect information and she pissed both "Marie" and "Amy" off. At least I wasn't the only one, I guess.

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