May 6, 2012

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend...

So today I attended my first jewelry party. One of my friends hosted a "Señorita & Margaritas" themed Lia Sophia party at her house and invited me to come. Since I love my friend, booze and jewelry I thought it would be a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and it was.

The woman doing the party was good friends with my friend, so it was relaxed and she wasn't pushy like the lady that did Nicole's Tupperware party forever ago. Because of all of this I ended up buying a few pieces because I thought they were cute and I felt bad. 
  1. Zenith Bracelet ($38.00)
  2. Key Charm ($20.00)
  3. Birthday Party Earrings ($19.00)
  4. Attached Bracelet ($48.00)
Honestly before being invited I had never heard of Lia Sophia Jewelry. I must say, there are some very nice pieces but some of it was a bit too expensive for my blood (I buy 90% of my jewelry from Forever 21), thankfully I won a 10% discount by playing one of the games and there was a 50% off sale for bracelets.

Once I get the pieces in I'll model them off for you guys and tell you what I really think of them.

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