May 3, 2012

Interview With My Blogging Buddy...

1. You said you enjoy dying your hair unnatural colors, what is your favorite color to dye your hair?
I've done white, green, blonde, and orange so far.

Do you dye your own hair or pay someone to do it?
Kinda both.

What do you think your next color will be?
My next style I want to be black underneath and white on top.

2. It's very clear looking at your blog that you're a gamer, what is your preferred gaming platform when you can't make it to the arcade? (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, etc.)
Playstation and Nintendo. Xbox 360 is Standard Con, so I play that when I got to them, but it is by no means a favorite of mine. I am actually in the process of getting a Nintendo Dsi..

What is your favorite video game of all time?
Tie between Professor Layton/King of Fighters.

3. Are you currently working on a new needle craft project? If so, what is it and can I get a sneak peak?
I am, I am making a yarn/fabric scarf, for my rockstar wannabe friend, As Soon as I take a picture! Haha, I am notoriously lazy with pictures of W.I.P.

4.You're a History major, what is your favorite time period?
Ancient Civilizations and Czarist Russia.

5. What is the craziest thing you've ever dealt with being a waitress?
   - Guy Passing out in a booth and had to be taken to the hospital.
   - Woman arguing me over the proper pronunciation of Jalapenos.
   - Running out of Ice Cream.

6. What is the coolest thing you've found while thrifting?
My Prom Dress!

7. Do you have anything you want the World to know about you?
More than likely you will not meet someone else like me. Love me while you have me. Life is short people. BE WILD!

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