May 3, 2012

Mom Of Pain In The Ass Teens...

Tonight I met the mother of two of my biggest problem teens and she was the nicest woman ever. The mother just so happened to be in the library with her youngest child while the younger of her two pain in the ass children was there and "Lori" noticed. So "Lori" and I ended up speaking to her about the boys and their behavior within the library.

She was so nice and understanding. A lot of parents get really nasty and uppity when you tell them about their children misbehaving, but this woman knew that her sons were pains in the asses and she was so ashamed of their behavior. She kept apologizing to us and telling us that she speaks to them all of the time about the way the conduct themselves.

It was so nice to meet a parent that doesn't think that their children fart rainbows. She even made a point of tell us that she is very weary of the stories that her children tell her and she knows that a good chuck of their stories are lies. I do not understand how such a lovely woman could have such pain in the ass children.


  1. Interesting indeed. Clearly she's not getting through if they keep behaving that way.

    I like that phrase 'fart rainbows'.

    1. Oh she isn't. He is a nasty little shit head.