May 10, 2012

Much Needed Retail Therapy...

After having a slightly frustrating day because of the "Julia" crap earlier in the day, having to cover the Adult Reference Desk because they found the need to have a meeting on a day when my department was short staffed and dealing with the Mother's Day Craft (That was actually the least annoying part of my day), I decided that I needed to go shopping with my sister as soon as I was done for the day at work.

So, once 5:30pm rolled around I ran out and I picked my sister up as quickly as I could. We hit up a number of stores and I bought a bunch of various things (Clothing, makeup, a spiffy Lacoste beach towel, etc). It was what I needed after an annoying day (I love retail therapy), plus I needed new outfits for a number of upcoming outings/events I'm attending within the next few weeks.

Where are the pictures of all of these things you ask? I honestly don't feel like arranging everything I just got to take pictures, but I will tomorrow because I got some pretty cute stuff. Sorry for being lazy.

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