June 12, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...

Earlier in the day I was having a conversation with "Favorite Page #1" about fictional television characters that we'd date and because I was so amused by the conversation I decided that I'd do a little post on it for fun. I started the posts while I was at work and I decided that when I got back home for the night that I would make the graphics, finish the post, etc. Well, when I got back home I found out that my sister and her boyfriend of a year and a half had broken up (She broke up with him), so I've switched gears and have now decided to do a break up post.

Before getting started I would like to state that I have fortunately have not had to deal with many breakups of my own, I've only had one other boyfriend prior to Justin and honestly, I broke up with him to date Justin. But Justin and I did breakup right before he went away to college, he broke up with me and my heart was broken for the two weeks our breakup lasted. That being said, I myself am not a breakup expert in terms of my own relationships but I have dealt with my friends during their breakups and these are some things that have helped...


I find that whenever something goes down my friends and I end up watching movies about whatever it is that we're dealing with whether it is a breakup, pregnancy, engagement, etc. I personally think that watching movies when something is going on that you can do nothing about helps.


The songs above are just some that I know that I'd be listening to if I was dealing with a breakup. They go from sad to pissed offish songs.


Your friends. I always want my friend around when I'm upset. I think it's better to be with your friends than by yourself when you're going through a rough time.

Booze. Booze is always a necessity when dealing with a breakup in my opinion, as well as my friends.I like to bust out sweet wine (My favorite is Barefoot Moscato) or whipped cream vodka if I'm really upset.

Ice cream. I prefer purchasing chocolate peanut butter ice cream when something is wrong.

Diary and/or a journal. I like to write and draw things out when I'm in various moods.

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