June 7, 2012

Fifty Shades Of What?...

While I was at work earlier my Department Head was going through her mailbox and there was an order form for a book with a title that included the words "shades" and "gray/grey" and she starts getting loud demanding to know who put an order for the novel in her mailbox. "Julia" stutters that she put it in. My Department Head starts going off about why would she put an order in for an erotic novel and that it wasn't appropriate for the Youth Services Department, etc. "Julia" stutters some more and tries to explain that it was a novel about a girl with barbed wire on the cover. My Department Head continues being loud and saying that it was one of the books in the Fifty Shade of Grey trilogy, that is when I butted in. I explained to her that it wasn't actually a title in the trilogy.

While this is going on "Julia" is still trying to figure out what she did wrong. My Department Head is yelling about Fifty Shade of Grey and "Julia" looks at us and says that she has no idea what that is. I honestly could not help myself, I looked at her like she was an idiot and said "What planet do you live on?!?!!! How do you not know what Fifty Shade of Grey is?!!???!!" She continued to say she didn't know what it was.

Really?!! Where has this woman been the past two months?!?!! The Fifty Shade of Grey trilogy has been discuss on every form of media possible, libraries have banned the books, there are thousands of holds on the books in the libraries that have them, all of them have been on best seller lists, etc.

I could not believe what she admitted. What kind of librarian are you if you have no clue about a series that has taken the publishing industry by storm?! Honestly, I have not read any of the books and I refuse to do so but I know about them! I have friends that have read them and I've talked about the series with them, so on and so forth.

Someone needs to take this woman out back... I swear she is useless.


  1. I assume she meant "Between Shades of Gray"? Which is a fantastic book, by the way!

    1. Yes! I couldn't think of the title while I was writing this. Thanks!