June 28, 2012

Stoppin' The Blockin'...

As I've mentioned in previous posts recently, my friend and her eight-year-old daughter are moving down to North Carolina. Well, they are leaving on Saturday so her boyfriend came up from Raleigh today to help her finish packing everything up and he is gonna drive the truck with all of her stuff in it down on Saturday. Blah blah blah... Since time is limited with her we've all been hanging out a lot recently and tonight with him being around was no different than it has been for the past couple of weeks. So, after I got off from work at 8:30pm I headed over to her apartment where she, her boyfriend, her daughter, Erin and Maria were. Apparently I missed a cluster of chaos while I was at work and they were filling me in on what happened as soon as I walked in (It was a lot and it is WAY too much for me to type out right now). Thirty minutes later my friend texts me even thought I am sitting right across from her and tells me we all have to be out at 10:00pm because she wants the coitus to happen. I begin to question them as to how that is happening seeing as her eight-year-old's bedroom has been taken apart and how she is a total insomniac. Erin, Maria and I offer to whisk her daughter away for a while so they may do their thing -- Her boyfriend was super excited that we offered to do so and actually got the eight-year-old excited about going out after 9:00pm at night.

So, the four of us hopped in the car (My friend wanted us to do so so badly she gave me the keys to her brand new, week old car) and ended up having an hour and a half long dance party in the car.  We danced, sang, picked up popcorn and ice cream, and just had the best "New York Girls Night Out" ever! The eight-year-old was in her glory hanging out with us listening to all of our crappy 90's music in the car. Eventually we went back to the apartment, ate some of the popcorn we bought and went our separate ways for the evening.

It was so much fun. I'm glad that one of the last night I have to spend with Bear (That is what her mother and the rest of us call her) was so exciting for her and that she had as much fun as she seemed to have. It was a good night.

Our playlist from the evening...

Stoppin' The Blockin' 2012 by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

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