July 23, 2012

LOVE♥CLUB: July 2012 Box...

• Just Lovely Things - Glitter Love Knot Headband •
• Sharaya Mikael Five Song EP •
 • Baby Boy Bakery Organic Caramels •
• River & Bridge Notecards •
• Lovely Little Whimsy Bamboo Bead Necklace •

My second LOVE♥CLUB box came in over the weekend while I was Upstate on the rafting trip and I'm just as happy with this months box as I was with last months box.
This month I got the cutest silver bamboo bead necklace (I'm actually wearing it right now and "Amy" was telling me how pretty it was before). It is so simple and pretty. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of it.
Also in the box was a yummy salted caramel from a company called Baby Boy Bakery. I didn't read the description which said to pop the caramel in the refrigerator before enjoying, so I ended up just licking the melted caramel off the wrapper. It was messy but tasty.

In addition to those items I also received some lavander bath salts which smell awesome and I cannot wait to use, a sweet silver headband that Heather over at made (I've worn the one from my last box several times with my hair pinned up and I've gotten a lot of complements on it, so we'll see how this new one goes over with the peanut gallery), as well as a five song EP by Sharaya Mikael that I'll have to throw into a CD player and listen to. Overall, I love it. The LOVE♥CLUB box is most definitely my favorite monthly subscription service.


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    1. If I would have read your instructions it would have been prettier, but hey it was still yummy.