July 24, 2012

How Are You Not In Jail...

I swear I cannot stand "Julia" one bit. I was having a conversation with "Favorite Page #1" and our night custodian (He is this loud Sicilian-American guy who is funny as hell) about my weekend and how the trip went, obviously "Julia" was being a creeper and eavesdropping. While talking about it I had mentioned that I wasn't a fan of Phil's sister's boyfriend, blah blah blah. This caused our custodian to start cracking jokes about how mean I am and that I have different levels of mean, etc. We continue talking and joking around when "Julia" looks at me and asks me how I've managed to keep out of jail. Really?!?!! I wanted to smack her. What is wrong with her?! She needs to not speak to me anymore because she makes me angry every time she opens her mouth.


  1. What the heck? What can even warrant that kind of remark? Too rude. Too unworthy of your time.

    1. It was a ridiculous comment. Yes, I can be mouthy but I'm not stupid enough to do something to end up in jail.