July 31, 2012

Organic Veggies In The AM...

Yesterday Erin decided that she wanted to drive out to Riverhead, NY to go to an organic farm and market called Garden of Eve. She promised me she'd get me back in time for work at 1:00pm so I woke up early this morning, headed to her house and we drove out there. We wandered around the garden/market picking out various things to purchase and then we went to pick blackberries over on the farm.
After we had our fill of Garden of Eve we started to drive down Sound Avenue and past Briermere, so of course Erin had to pop a u-turn. She decided she need to buy a pie, as well as a few other things before we drove back home.
As we were driving back we noticed a bunch of cop cars, fire trucks, etc. so we made a detour, saw some neat stuff and figured out a round about way to get past all of the chaos on the LIE.
 It was a fun morning. I'd do it again.


  1. Hi! (New follower here!) I love your photography, these photos make me soooo hungry! :]