July 26, 2012

Since When Do The Freaks Come Out During The Day...

There isn't going to be a full moon until next Wednesday but it sure feels like there is gonna be one tonight. I've dealt with so much weird crap today it isn't funny. I wasn't even in for five minutes this morning when a mother rolled in with her five kids, one of them being a toddler who was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper. I flipped when I saw this little boy running around the department with no pants on. I immediately ran to a phone to call my Director to see if I had the right to say anything to this mother. Unfortunately he was dealing with a crazy patron who claimed she paid a fine for a book she lost from another library that we actually paid for. Because he was dealing with her I never got an answer from him (Apparently he had been dealing with her since 9:30am, I came into work at 11:00am), so I ended up have a pow wow with "Amy" and "Julia" to try to figure out what to do. We decided that we needed to ask her to leave so "Amy" walked into the picture book room and told her that her child needed to be wearing pants. The woman didn't even look at her. She came back into the office to tell us what happened and then she walked right back into the room and repeated herself. Again the woman didn't answer, but five minutes later she called the rest of her children over and told them they were leaving and they left. She came back fifteen minutes later with her kids and this time they were all wearing pants.

A couple of hours later we had a patron hand "Lori" a picture book and she told her that the book had booklice. I didn't see the book or bugs on it but "Lori" did say there was a little bug on it. I called my Director when she and "Emily" asked me what they should do with the book and he told me to withdraw and chuck it.

Maybe an hour later we had a man bathing himself in our mens room. According to a patron some dude was just in there without a shirt on just giving himself a good rub down. Thankfully it was around the time that our Security Guard was in because he dealt with that one.

"Emily" got crazy attitude from a babysitter after she told her the name of an author and told her to look under the letter of the authors last name. The babysitter peaked in the stacks, told "Emily" she didn't know where to look because she wasn't a librarian. This just caused "Emily" to go on a rant about her knowing that the girl learned in school how to look up books. It wasn't good.

Then everyone was spilling drinks all over the place. We don't even allow food and drinks in our department because the carpet is still relatively new, so these people were super wrong.

In addition to all of the stuff above, I just had a lot of patrons with problems today. They weren't necessarily library problems but I had to play therapist to several mommies throughout the course of the day.

On top of everything else "Marie" called in sick claiming that her daughter wasn't feeling well when she got back from camp. We all knew she called in sick because she lives about forty minutes away and there is supposed to be a crazy storm tonight. She didn't want to drive home in the storm. So now I was supposed to get off at 7:00pm and I am working an extra two hours to cover the reference desk while "Amy" does all of her Thursday night programs.

NOTE: Our Department Head is on vacation this week, so everyone in my Department is coming to me with questions.

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