August 11, 2012

Amazing Patrons...

I've had the best patrons today. Earlier I had the cutest grandmother come in asking for books to get her grandson and his friend "Away from the electronics for a bit..." She was so passionate about wanting her grandson to want to read and appreciate holding a book and imagining what characters look like, etc. It was so cute. I gave her a handful of books and listened to her talk for a while, she seemed so happy. After everything was said and done she gushed about how I made her day and how happy she was that someone like me worked in the library. It was the sweetest thing. I even found out later on that she was telling one of the circulation clerks how amazing I was.

Later on I got a mother and a son who wanted comic books. The boy started on about how comic books were for boys and I put him in his place in a nice way and told him that I, a girl, loves comic books and that I even go to New York Comic Con every year. This launched us into a whole conversation about Comic Con and that they didn't know there was one in New York, etc. So I gave his mother all of the information about New York Comic Con that I could as I found her son some new comics to read. Everyone was super happy and the mother told me as she left that she was glad someone like me works here.

People like them make me love my job even more and they made my day.