August 11, 2012

More Amazing Patrons...

They just keep coming today! I just helped a little girl and her mother get books about faeries (The little girl wants to do some research on them, it was super cute) and the mother asks me about books in Portuguese for her friend who is standing next to her. I say I don't think so and the friend starts talking about how people don't think about Portuguese people and I mentioned that I was part Portuguese and the mother of the girl asks what I am. I rattle off my Cuban, German, Portuguese and Native American and when I finish she says to me "No wonder you're so pretty!" It was so sweet.

I love patrons today.


  1. Yay for nice patrons! That is super sweet. :D And what an interesting mix you are!

    1. It was super sweet.

      Yeah, I'm a weird mix. People don't know what I am ever.