August 8, 2012

Seven Question...

Halloween 2008

1. The Olympics are awesome! What's your favorite Summer Olympic event to watch?
Gymnastics. Everything else is boring to me.

2. If you could compete in an Olympic event (either season), which would it be?
Something gymnastics wise.

3. Would you rather be tickled to death or poked (by finger) constantly for the rest of your life?
Poked all of the way. I can't stand being tickled.

4. Do you keep your nails long or short? Square or round?
I'd love for them to be long but they break all of the time, so I have medium nails that are squared with rounded edges.

5. Do you think you're funny?
I think I am. But I also know that not everyone understands my sense of humor.

6. When you have something you're looking forward to SO much, but it's still a ways off, what do you do to keep yourself distracted?
I don't. I obsess over things. Not healthy, I know.

7. You've just won an Olympic Gold Medal! What are you going to do next?!?! 
Go to Disney World. Duh!


  1. I agree with you on the poking thing! I hate being tickled... ahhh!!