August 26, 2012

Sunday In The City...

You'd think after spending the past week or so on vacation I'd want to stay home and do nothing but no, Justin and I decided to go into New York City today to check out to The High Line and have lupper at Chelsea Market. The main reason for our random trip into the city was that Justin had a few rides left on this train ticket that was about to expire and we didn't want to waste about forty dollars in train rides, so we went into the city for a random date day.

We decided to go check out The High Line because I've been dying to go for a while now, it was such a beautiful day and it's free! So once we got into the city we hopped on the subway and headed down to 14th Street and walked over to The High Line. We grabbed some ices from a stand and took our time walking the path both ways.
After lapping back to the beginning we were kinda hungry and Chelsea Market is across the street, so we went to look around and see what yummy things we could nosh on. We ended up going to The Lobster Place and splitting seafood sliders. While we were sitting and eating them we saw Chef Anne Burrell (I didn't get a picture because I was too bust stuffing my face). When we were done with those we walked around the market some more, bought some chocolates and other random goodies to try.
Eventually we walked back to the subway stop and just went back to Justin's place. It was a random little day in the city and I loved it so much. I really enjoy doing randomness alone with Justin.


  1. Ugh, I wanna go to a big city so bad. This looks like so much fun, and that mural is amazing!

    ♥ Em