August 26, 2012

The Dog Lovers Cravebox...

While I was on vacation I had a bunch of packages arrive for me, one of them being the Dog Lovers Cravebox which was a special box from the monthly subscription services Cravebox (I don't actually get their monthly boxes because I'm still on the waiting list, but they still give people signed up on their site chances to enter raffles for their special themed limited edition boxes).
When I found out that they were having a special box for dogs I had to try and get it for Nella. I obviously got picked and here is what was in my Dog Lovers Cravebox...
• Merrick Gourmet Entrée Grammy's Pot Pied Canned Food • The Original Pet Bowl Mat •
• Merrick Grain Free Chicken + Sweet Potato & Grain Free Duck + Sweet Potato Dry Food •
• Scott Pet Pork Chomps • Kong Chewy Dog Treats • Canine Caviar Buffalo Stix •
• Fido's Cookies • TropiClean Fresh Breath Gel • Merrick Bandana •

There was a lot of stuff in this box considering I paid $12.00 for it. The only thing as thus far that Nella has actually tried food wise was the Merrick Gourmet Entrée Grammy's Pot Pied canned food, which she seemed to enjoy so I'll have to go to PETCO and pick up some other flavors up for her. My mom was excited we got a pet bowl mat because she was actually about to go out and buy one. So it saved my mother a trip to the pet store. We haven't given her anything else from the box yet, but if anyone is actually interested in knowing if my dog actually liked anything else just send me a message and I'll let you know.

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