October 12, 2012

Friday Letters...

Dear New York Comic Con: Thank you for being the nerdy haven you are!

Dear Library: See you Tuesday afternoon suckers!

Dear Influenster: I'm super excite to receive the Beauty Blogger VoxBox! Thanks for choosing me!

Dear Long Island Weather: I enjoy the fact that you've made it cold enough to wear my Uggs but not a jacket. Keep up the good work!

Dear Angry Orchard: Thank you for making a banging hard cider. I enjoyed drinking it during lunch today.

Dear Nail Polish: Can you please stop chipping the day after I paint you on to my nails?! It's really annoying to have to touch you up and/or put a whole new coat on.

Dear Starbucks: Your salted caramel hot chocolate is pretty awesome. Especially with the shot of espresso I had the Barista add to it.

Dear Pay Pal: Why do you hate me? I want to spend my money. Fix my account & let me!

Dear Readers: Thank you for following me! I appreciate you all more than you'll even know.

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