October 13, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012: Day Two...

Today I got to spend my second day at New York Comic Con (It was actually day three of the event). Erin met up with me in the AM and the two of us hopped on the LIRR and made our way to the Javits Center.
I was given the amazing opportunity to attend not one, but two press conference while I was at Comic Con (I'm going to write about those in other posts because they need their own individual posts). So I spent the first few hours I was at Comic Con at taking those in. While I was doing so ended up meeting Giselle from the website Mamás Latinas, the two of us clicked so I we ended up hanging out during and after the conferences (She was a Comic Con newbie, so Erin and I showed her around the showroom floor, etc).
After all of the above was said and done I found Erin, who was actually with Lenni and her family.
Once we got done taking some pictures (People were stopping them left and right) we all headed onto the showroom floor to get our geek on. Erin bought a pair of Necomini Brainwave Cat Ears, we all got tied up in corsets, we bought some beautiful leather books, found out about bacon lollipops, costume watched, etc.

We wandered around for hours before Erin and I parted ways with Giselle and tried to attend the Oddities Antique Road Show, which was a panel with Mike & Evan from the Science Channel show Oddities, but we got closed out -- I'm still sad about this. We also went to inquire about the Walking Dead event in the IGN Theater, but that too was full and there was no way in hell we were getting in. So the two of us walked around a bit longer before headed back to Long Island.
It was a great day. I love going to New York Comic Con and it was made that much better by being given the opportunity to go to the press conferences. I'd like to thank Jennifer from H+M Communication for stumbling across my blog and inviting me to cover Beautiful Creatures, as well as Sally and Salomon for The Conjuring invite. You are all awesome.

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