October 10, 2012

More Bad Luck...

I was stuck outside & Nella was stuck inside
So my bad luck continues. Earlier as I was about to leave my house to go to work I grabbed my umbrella, made sure the door was locked and close the door without the keys to my car/the house. I could not believe that I locked myself out of my house while it was pouring out. Before calling my father for help I ran next door to the only neighbor my parents like enough to give a key to but she wasn't home. I check every spot I think my parents would hide a key, no dice. So I had to call my father because he works in town and could leave work to let me into the house to grab my keys. Ten minutes after calling he showed up (While I was waiting for him I was making faces at Nella who was sitting in the window and asking her why she couldn't open the door) and let me into the house (Thankfully he wasn't pissed at me). I thanked him fifty million time and ran off to work. What a way to start off my day.


  1. ohhh ooops! i've done that before too... well, my hubby did to be exact! and he had to do something about it hahaha! glad you were rescued :)

    1. LOL. Doesn't it just suck? I was glad my father could come rescue me.

  2. aw no! haha! That's the worst. At least you had a dog to talk to. :)