October 11, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012: Day One...

It's my favorite time of the year, time for New York Comic Con! Earlier today I met up with Lenni and the two of us hopped on the train and headed into the city to go to nerdy heaven for work.
We attended a handful of panels throughout the course of the professional hours and then we ran to the showroom floor the minute it opened to see everything that they had to offer this year.

Library As Mythic Oracle
Speculative fiction, which includes comic-book literature, as well as science fiction and fantasy, had always been an overlooked genre. It was condemned to the very fringes of “serious” literary research, and considered to be the province of geeks, nerds, and social outcasts. In recent years however, that has all changed. Geek culture has assumed its place among scholarly pursuits in many colleges and universities. Films based upon comic book characters are made into sweeping motion picture epics with genuine cinematic and literary merit. The heroes, villains, and settings of these stories have woven themselves into a kind of “modern mythology” for the information age. But how are our contemporary heroes different from the legends of old? In the ancient world, the strong and valiant hero was assisted by a sage, or mentor. In our modern mythologies, the hero often fulfills both roles. The intellectual hero is at least as capable, if not more so, than the brawny warrior. This panel will the many different ways that our 21st-century, Information-savvy culture has influenced the re-telling of the hero’s journey, and created a new mythology for a geek-centered culture. 

The Possibilities Of A Cape & Mask: How To Incorporate Superheroes Into Public Library Programming
Superheroes in libraries can go well beyond the graphic novel collections and the occasional superhero storytime. Right now, superheroes are more popular than ever and enjoy almost universal appeal regardless of age or gender. The prevailing themes surrounding superheroes (costumes, capes, secret identities, arch villains, etc) make them an instantly recognized thing. This program will talk about how public libraries can use the concept of the superhero as a universal icon to create fun and cost effective library programs.

Foolproof Graphic Novel Collection Development
Building and maintaining a graphic novel collection in a library can be difficult for some librarians. But it doesn't have to be. Two New Jersey librarians will show you how to get the releases that your customers want and insure that you continue to get their favorites. They will also impart tips on getting essential selections for all age groups, networking with your local comics retailers to help the CE process, creating excitement about your library's graphic novel collections, and convincing administrators that comics are popular with all types of library users.

We spent hours wander up and down the aisles, buying randomness (I bought myself a copy of Sailor Moon 7, a wind up Dalek and two pairs of Batman socks), collection all the swag we could and people watching.
Honestly, going to New York Comic Con is the highlight of my year in terms of things I do for work. I just love that as a librarian I am considered a professional and I get to attend!

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