October 1, 2012

Return Of The Bear...

Remember my friend who moved to North Carolina? The one Erin and I went to visit and had the worst vacation ever? Well, she moved back to New York and today was her first day back. She had tons of things to do so Erin kidnapped her daughter and the three of us went out for lunch.

They came into the library to meet me and as soon as Bear saw me she screamed by name, jumped on me and hugged me with her legs wrapped around me. It was so cute! I punched out (she tried to follow me) and the three of us walked holding hands to the pizzeria. I ordered us a whole pie with everyone's drinks of choice. While we were waiting we took a bunch of pictures and these are the results...

After devouring our pizza Bear requested we get Italian ices because according to her they don't have Italian ices in North Carolina, so I obliged. We walked out with our ices and then straight into the local variety store to pick up a witch's hat for my Halloween costume. Obviously she wanted one, but I told her she had to wait to talk to her mom about what she was actually going to be for Halloween.

When we were done there we headed back to the library and I helped her pick out some books to take home with her because she loves to read.

I'm so glad she is home. I can't wait to see her mother!

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