October 1, 2012

Two Fat Girls In A U-Haul...

You know how my friend moved back? Well, moving involves U-Hauls and returning said U-Hauls. And our friend got Erin and I to help her return the truck and it was a cluster.
First off, I refused to drive the truck so Erin did. Thankfully she did because she has had experience driving them before because she has moved fifty-million times. But even with her experience it was not a smooth trip. I honestly thought that we were going to die in that truck. The shocks were crap, you could barely see anything from the side view mirrors, it was annoyingly large, the breaks weren't so hot, I almost slammed my face into the dashboard with my seat belt on because it sucked and the people driving around us weren't helping.

There was a lot of screaming and profanity used throughout the course of our drive, but eventually we made it there. Dropped that bad boy off, but not before being scared by an employee wandering around in the darkness, and then we headed back home. It was terrible. I will never get inside of a U-Haul ever again.


  1. Oh, U-hauls. :P I have not had the .. ah, pleasure, of being in one before, but I dread the day when I'll have to!

  2. I know this dance well. My favorite is the part where you have to go through a gas station and figure out hwo to put gas in moving trucks.