December 5, 2012

Lazily Productive...

Today was an odd day, it was productive and not all at the same time. I slept in later than I have since I haven't had to go to work, so I that was totally lazy of me but I helped Erin get lots of stuff done on her to do errand list once I was out of my house.

The first I helped Erin get done on her to do list was setting up the router that she purchased a few weeks ago to restore wifi in her house. She basically only wanted me there to distract her mother while she set the thing up because if I wasn't there God knows what kind of fight the two of them would have gotten into (They've had several electronics related arguments as of late).

After successfully setting up "PENNY GET YOUR OWN WIFI!" (Erin really likes The Big Band Theory) we loaded her car with some laundry bags, dropped those suckers off at a laundromat and headed out to Stony Brook to deal with randomness that should have been dealt with by now.

While we were out there Erin insisted on taking me to this empanada place that she's been talking about forever. So we ate dinner there and then I had her stop by a store that I found out sold Mercer's Wine Ice Cream (I found out about the product on Pinterest, and it was on my 'This Just Pinned' from last week) and bought a couple of pints to bring with us to Queens tomorrow.

On our way home we passed the mall and I talked her into going in so I could pick up a new water bottle from Pink and some randomness from Lush. Once that was all said and done she dropped me back off at my house.

It was a prductive-ish day. I enjoyed getting out and running various errands with Erin, it was way better than sitting around not knowing what to do with myself.

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