December 13, 2012

Up until about ten minutes ago I had no idea that I was an no-reply blogger. I'd like to thank to Jamie over at Handling With Grace for telling me! Since she's told me I've totally fixed the problem and hopefully it works, because I've always wondered why people don't respond to the comments I leave on their blogs.

If you don't know any about Happy Hour Projects has a blog post on how to edit your privacy setting here. I hope me learning something new today has helped someone else.

Thank you again Jamie!


  1. Oooo I had that problem too. Than I fixed it but when I made some blog design I unfixed. (now fixed yet again) Just watch that when playing around with settings.


    1. Good to know!

      I was reading that people using Google+ were having a lot of problems with it.

  2. Thank you! I was wondering why people couldnt see mine either